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Cottonwood Falls, Kansas 66845

   When . . . April 15th through May 5th . . . only once a year!

What time of Day is best?  The best times to view Prairie Chickens is right at sunrise or at sunset.  For a sunrise viewing you will want to be in your blind on the site and settled at least 20 minutes before dawn.  For sunset viewing we ask that you are in your blind at least an hour before sunset.  

What should you bring?  

  • Dress warmly . . . layer up.  You can always get rid of a layer if you are too warm.
  • Camera with a good telephoto lens
  • Binoculars
  • A thermos of your favorite warm drink.

What does it Cost?

$25 per person

South Fork Adventures has the perfect spot for viewing this phenominal miracle of nature in the heart of The Flint Hills in Chase County Kansas.  This is where the birds have been returning . . .  and returning . . . and returning since before even the local old-timers can remember!  And here is the great news . . . the 2017 viewing season is the first time this South Fork Adventure land has been open to anyone other than friends and family for viewing the mating dance of the Greater Prairie Chickens!  What an awesome opportunity! 

This land is so natural don't be surprised if you see a turkey or two or even a few deer!

Check out this sample of what you could see at your viewing!

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So . . . Here's the Nitty Gritty

Flint Hills Prairie Chicken Viewing Adventures

Important Information for Booking your Prairie Chicken Adventure:

A minimum of 3 people is required to book a viewing.

A maximum number of 12 people may attend at one time.

Contact us first either by clicking the button below or calling us at 620-273-1135 to confirm availability of dates.

  • Travel to and from the viewing site.
  • Food and Drink 
  • PREDICTABLE NATURE . . . Please understand that viewing prairie chickens is viewing a dynamic of nature.  Nature is not predictable and consequently, we cannot guarantee that you will see prairie chickens during your time at the site or that the weather will be favorable for your viewing.​  All sales are final, no refunds will be given. 

"It begins in the dark, pre-dawn silence of an early Flint Hills spring.  A small gathering of Prairie Chicken males begin their dance.  Their booming resonates so loudly you might think these colorful birds are abundant.  Yet, what you see are among the precious few that have survived.  This is a "come back story" . . . these remarkable birds "come back" to The Flint Hills of Kansas where the age-old sounds of territorial aggression, conflict and competition are heard each spring." 

And here you are in a South Fork Adventures blind witnessing the whole thing!

South Fork Adventures