Located just steps away from the Chase County Historic Courthouse and the Historic Downtown District of Cottonwood Falls this "Modern Home from Yesteryear" is perfect for for large groups.  Will sleep up to 8 guests delightfully!  Year-Round Rate: $250/Night + Taxes

Taylor Historic Guesthouse - Cottonwood Falls

Rancher's Rest.

Taylor Guest House - Strong City

An Artfully Revitalized Presbyterian Church built in 1883 which now has 4 bedrooms and 2-1/2 Baths.  Will Sleep up to 9 Adults.  Year-Round Rate: $299/Night + Taxes.

The Church

Aunt Kate's Cottage

Relax in our Sister City of Strong City for your Get-A-Way Lodging.  You will love how easy it is to reconnect with Yourself, Friends and Family here!  Sleeps up to 6 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $150/Night + Taxes.

The Lark Inn on Elm

The Lark Inn on Elm Couples the Elegance of it's1900 Victorian Roots with it's New Century - Lark Inn Funk and Sass!  Sleeps up to 6 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $175/Night + Taxes.

Nestled Harmoniously among the giant oak trees to ensure your relaxing Get-A-Way, The Lark Inn at Fox Hollow Sleeps up to 6 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $150/Night + Taxes.

The Lark Inn at Fox Hollow

The Lark Inn on Main

This Fully Revitalized 1890's Prairie House with Semi-Professional Kitchen Sleeps up to 6Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $175/Night + Taxes

This cozy 2-Bedroom, 1-Bath guesthouse will pamper your every desire with it's wide-open vista, open concept floor plan and Jacuzzi tub.  Will sleep up to 7 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $150/Night + Taxes.

Located in picturesque downtown Cottonwood Falls.   This quiet downtown loft features contemporary and mid-century furnishings with a nod to the region's unique cowboy culture.    Very Comfortably sleeps 2 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $125/Night + Taxes.

P.O. Box 249

Cottonwood Falls, KS  66845



Newly Constructed, Aunt Kate's Cottage reflects the over 100 year McNee Family Legacy in Chase County.  Sleeps up to 5 Guests.  Year-Round Rate: $175 - $199/Night + Taxes.

The Lark Inn Cottage on Cottonwood